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Kennesaw Broken Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

Today, there are so many home improvement troubleshooting techniques that homeowners can do on their own. The key is …you have to know what you are looking for. The first thing you should do is inspect your door to see if it is crooked in the opening. Then check for any broken parts. At this point, do not try to repair it yourself. Never attempt to operate the door until it is completely repaired because you will likely damage the garage door and create additional unnecessary expense, not to mention that operating a broken garage door can be dangerous.

Legacy Garage Doors has put together some troubleshooting points designed to help you determine the difference between a serious problem and a problem that should be repaired by a professional.

Check for broken springs:
If you discover a broken door spring, do not open the garage with your garage door opener because this will cause damage to the gear system. Door springs are the steel coils normally located on top of the opening of the door or above the door’s track system. A professional is definitely recommended for this type of job.
If You Door is Off The Track:
If the rollers have fallen out of the door track or the door appears to be crooked, do not try to repair it. Hire a professional to fix it. This can be caused by several reasons, normally associated with the cables and springs.
Door Locks:
On the door, check for a slide-lock and make certain that the slide lock is in the open position. Then check to make certain there are no objects blocking your door from moving freely in the tracks.
Check the security lock out switch:
This is located on your opener wall button. If your wall button has a light button, it will probably have a security switch or button. If the wall button has a switch, move it around to the side designated for unlocking. If you have a button, simply press the button down for a few seconds. Keep in mind that every security lock is different; check your manufacturer’s manual for further details.
Door Does Not Seem to be Working Correctly:
When your garage door is shuddering or screeching, this is an indication the hardware is beginning to wear out. One way to help make it run smoother is to lubricate the door. Do not use WD-40. Only use graphite penetrating spray or Teflon to lubricate your garage door.
Simply check the battery and battery terminals. Try reprogramming the remote by using the owner’s manual instructions. If the trouble is sporadic, this may be due to radio interference.
Once in a while you can repair electrical problems on the garage door opener by unplugging it for approximately 30 seconds. The unit should reset itself after the loss of power and you may have solved the problem.
Broken Opener:
If the garage door is operating, but the door is disabled, check to see if the trolley is engaged. The trolley rolls up and down the opener rail. There is usually an emergency release mechanism or a pull cord. Make sure you check your manufacturer’s owner’s manual for operating instructions. This normally requires technical skill of the operating system to fix.
Safety Eyes:
This is located on both sides of the track or wall located below the door. Make sure the lenses are clean and that they are facing directly at each other and all lights are on. Several brands have different lights; make sure you check your owner’s manual. This safety feature can be controlled by holding down the wall button until the door is shut. Once in a while safety eyes can be broken, have wiring problems or affected by direct sunlight. If this happens, we recommend a professional for repair.
Opener Limits:
The travel limits is normally situated on the opener motor casing and it controls how far your door opens and closes. When adjusting, make sure you do not over adjust. If for some reason the opener limits are not staying put, you more than likely need the opener repaired professionally. The purpose of the travel limits is to control how far your door opens and closes.You will find the force limits located near the travel limits. In order for the door to operate properly, make sure it is turned up high enough. However, make sure it is not turned up too high because the garage door motor can actually damage your door. We recommend having it inspected if you are forced to turn it up more than halfway because this means there is serious problem.Adjustment of the force and travel limits is not usually recommended by a homeowner. Incorrect adjustment can cause door and/or opener damage. If you are uncomfortable with these adjustments, please call a professional.
Door Obstruction:
Check and make certain nothing is blocking the door or track.

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If the above tips above do not help you solve your garage door issue, please contact Legacy Garage Doors today. We are experts at solving garage door problems quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. For further information or to schedule an appointment, call: (770) 884-7167.

Disclaimer: The troubleshooting tips above are meant to offer helpful tips. Legacy Garage Doors is not responsible for any kind of damages or injuries resulting from misuse of garage door systems, misusing operating garage door systems or repairing garage door systems.

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Legacy Garage Door came out and replaced two of my garage doors after my daughter drove through them. They came out right away, were very through, gave us plenty of options for our price range. They were willing to do what was needed quickly to make sure our house was secure. We appreciated their honesty and integrity. We have recommend them to others.

Patty J.

We had Legacy install two garage doors and one opener. They came out that morning and were done by the end of the day. They were very easy to talk to and work with. We highly recommend them and know other people that have used them also and have had a good experience with them.

Jimmy A.

We had Legacy come out and give us an estimate for replacing two garage doors. They gave us several options to go with. I travel alot and needed them to work within my schedule. They were very helpful with that. Legacy was by far one of the helpful, pleasant and very professional contractors that I have worked with. I thought they were top notch and have referred them to several of my co-workers.

Rick W.

One of the springs bent and pulley broke on our garage door. Legacy came out and gave us the option to repair or replace the door. We chose to repair the door, and very thankful to them for being honest and not pushy. We would highly recommend them.

Drew N.

Great Company! Quality work, quality materials, they do what they say they are going to do. They treat you like family. I would highly recommend them.

Dan S.

Giving a shout out for the great service I received last week! I made an emergency call at night when my garage door would not close, leaving a 2 foot opening. I received a call back 5 minutes later, and was given an appointment the next morning. My garage door was fixed and the service was great! I will use their service if ever I need service again, and will also recommend their service for others. I found this company through the Cobb County Service Review book that came in the mail; I can see why they got 5 star rating!! Thank you!


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